Farnham Parenting

What people are saying...

‘[I] would recommend to other parents as a blueprint for parenting - even if you think you don't need to do it, you probably do.’ Anon, Mother of 2
‘[I] loved the group, helped to know I was not alone and not judged. Would recommend it to other parents as tools to help any parent. Shame its not compulsory.’ Anon, Mother of 2
‘Calmer, choosing my battles; slowly building confidence around all techniques and not so overwhelmed... we are heading in the right direction...You have saved us from a dark place - thank you!’ Anon, Mother of 2
‘Thank you so much for helping us to develop the skills and confidence to become better parents – I can’t think of anything I’ve done that has been so valuable and rewarding (apart from having my children!).’ Anon, Mother of 2 boys
‘I really cannot thank you enough for the help you have shown me and my family. 12 months ago I couldn’t imagine enjoying life and being happier with my children but I feel I am definitely getting there. You are truly a lovely person with a kind heart so thank you for making me feel more confident and less ashamed of how I felt.’ Anon, Mother of 2 children
‘Reducing my high expectations on daughter; giving her more space to be.’ Anon, Mother of 1
‘Calmer, taking time to think. more fun and less anger; greater boundaries.’ Anon, Mother of 2
‘I am more aware, confident, less guilty; more responsive, less angry, less/no shouting; more choices.’ Anon
‘Paying more attention ie putting down the phone and listening/talking.’ Anon, Father of 2
‘I am staying calmer/less loss of temper. I am nurturing myself more.’ Anon, Father of 2
‘I was recommended the course and glad I came, will also recommend the course to others.’ Anon
‘The sessions were safe, nurturing atmosphere to explore open and honest atmostphere welcomed, nurtured,and safe, people were interested and kind a great group, warm, supportive and good humour.’ Anon
‘I am trying to be more nurturing, empathetic and less critical; thinking about how to behave well for themselves, reflecting more; talking more about our feelings; hugging more.’ Anon
‘Thank you so much for the bright,breezy no-nonsense approach which has really helped to make the job seem possible.’ Anon, Mother of 2 children
‘Many thanks for all your words and advice the past few weeks. It's certainly made a difference.’ Anon, Father of 3 children
‘I feel I slow down and think more, using strategies rather than always reacting.’ Anon
‘Thank you very much for all your help advice and guidance. This course has really opened my eyes and helped to improve family life no end.’ Anon, Mother of 2 children
‘More playful at home. less demanding, more understanding; I am more able to listen to my child's needs/wants and less judgemental; spending more time together as a family; I take some time out before getting too resentful in certain situations.’ Anon
‘I am more confident in showing my true emotions and my children have responded by being more open with me... The best thing of all is that I have got much better at spending quality time with each child which is lovely.’ Anon
‘It has helped me to reflect on how my own behaviour influences the family - importance of modelling.’ Anon
‘Thank you for running such a great course – it has been a bit of a journey for me but one that has definitely benefitted me.’ Anon, Mother of 2 boys
‘More aware of how I respond to my child; complete transformation - happy home; mummy is more loving and happy.’ Anon
‘Thank you so much for everything. It has made a huge difference to me and my family.’ Anon, Mother of teens
‘I do alot more listening, instead of shouting; I think that by being more positive that my child is responding more positively; I think listening alot more.’ Anon