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Raising children can be puzzling at times, but puzzles have solutions — and the Parenting Puzzle provides them. The Parenting Puzzle is a course that encourages parents and carers to enjoy bringing up children and get the best out of family life.

The course offers positive, practical ways of guiding children so they learn to handle both their feelings and their behaviour. It improves parents' confidence and skills, encouraging them to maintain effective positive discipline while understanding their own and their children's emotional needs.

The course is informal, fun and a great confidence booster. Parenting Puzzle courses are recommended by health visitors, social workers, child and mental health workers, teachers and by parents who have attended a course themselves.

Monday Evening Parenting Puzzle

10 week course helping families get the best out of life together

What is the Parenting Puzzle?

Children are rewarding, stimulating and fun but looking after them can be stressful and challenging.  The Parenting Puzzle Nurturing Programme helps deal with those challenges so that you can have a calmer, happier home life. A tried and tested programme, it helps us think about what we do, why we do it and how it makes us feel.

The sessions are informal, fun and a great confidence booster!

The course encourages and supports parents and carers to enjoy bringing up children and get the best out of family life.  It offers positive, practical ways of guiding children so that they learn to handle both their feelings and their behaviour.

We do not receive government funding so we would welcome a donation of £100/course to cover costs – includes the handbook and refreshments. To secure your place please register online and choose your preferred method of donation. Unfortunately there is no cash facility.

If you are unable to donate or can afford less, please let us know by emailing bridget@farnhamparenting.org, as we would still love to see you!

To find out more please email bridget@farnhamparenting.org, text 07342 304373 or call 01252 717155.  

Spaces are limited. 

Our next Monday Evening Parenting Puzzle date is:
 Monday 21st January
 7.30pm - 9.30pm
 space2grow, Central Farnham

Register: Monday Evening Parenting Puzzle  

For other courses in Surrey please visit the Surrey Nurturing links website www.surreynurturinglinks.org.uk/parent-groups or contact by telephone on 01483 225596.